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2019 trends for your bathroom

Thinking of replacing your bathroom? Ready for 2019 to be the year you revamp your bathrooms and set the trends?

We have put together our favourite trends of 2019, let us know what you think…

Modular Furniture

Modular creates the illusion of more space, yet gives you more storage. Wall hung furniture also allows for a sleeker, modern finish and it’s easier to clean! This unit is in our showroom window (behind the crocodile print bath)

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Black Matte

There is alot of black matte coming through. From lampshades to even tiles. Black doesn’t have to be gothic, it can be sophisticated and a classy backdrop. Pair the dark walls with gold taps and add accents of colour to add depth. Accents could be with houseplants and light coloured towels…. it sounds a dream! We really love this idea. Or how about black matte taps and radiator, this can add a very modern look to a more neutral bathroom.


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Marble work tops and tiles are very popular, they add depth to the colour scheme and it’s very on trend. Not only does it look lovely, but it also is so versatile.

Bold bright colours

We spoke with local interior designers Maas&Impett, who are based in Lymington. They have told us that bold colours are back!! Bright colours and feature walls are very popular, they say ‘people like to go more adventurous in their bathrooms, as it’s a visiting room rather than the lounge that is somewhere you spend time’

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Another trend coming through is, borders! This can be painted or tiled. You could use different coloured or mosaic tiles to create a border. An example of these are below:


innovation bathroomsWynwood-basin-and-WCinnovation bathrooms southampton

At Innovation Bathrooms we stock all the products discussed above, Pop into our showroom to see what other new trends are coming through!