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Bathroom tiles that you need to have

As we’ve been chatting in our last blog posts about 2019 trends. We have selected a few tiles that we believe are on trend this year. We supply all of these in our bathroom showroom Hampshire.

First up is these lovely patterned tiles. These tiles are great with plain bathroom furniture, just like the image below. They add depth to a plain bathroom and lots of style.



Darker shade tiles are also on trend. Dark tiles are a great modern ‘base’ colour and also easy to maintain/clean, as they don’t show up all the marks. Check your water in your area, if it’s hard water you may get alot of white marks on the tiles – so double check this. Here is a map of the UK showing you where has soft, moderate or hard water.


To create a industrial styled bathroom, here is some inspiration and tiles we supply that fit this trend well.

Alot of candy or pastel colours are also on trend. Here are some pink tiles that look fab against our traditional style bathroom.

Pop into our bathroom showroom Hampshire on Lyndhurst highstreet. We have an array of tiles which will suit everyones needs. From patterned, branded such as Ted Baker or Laura Ashley tiles, industrial, rustic, Mosaic and many more…