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Baths that we love at Innovation Bathrooms

Autumn bathroom - bathroom southampton thAs the Autumn and winter will soon be upon us. It’s only fitting we shout out about some baths that we absolutely love.

                           Here’s 5 bathtubs YOU NEED in your life…


Paint your own bath with Heritage Bathrooms

paint your own bathtub - bathroom southampton
This freestanding bath is a must and comes in many different colours, or choose your own paint, works perfectly if you love to change up your colour scheme often.




roman style bath - bathrooms southamptonA Sustain bath from Britton Bathrooms.

These are fab as they can be built into any area or have a lovely tiling or shelving round the edge for a

Roman Spa vibe. They’re also easy to clean with all the smooth edges and surface space.






A big Contemporary Tub from Highlife Bathrooms.Round highlife bathrooms bathtub - bathroom southampton


This is such a deep tub, imagine sinking into this after a long day! The contemporary look and feel will make your bathroom ooze modern.







A big big round tub from Britton BathroomsInnovation-bathroom southampton


A shallow bath will treat you to being immersed in all the bubbles! These tubs keep all the heat in and are easy to get in and out, whilst still looking beautiful. At Innovation we love the Scandinavian style and this definitely ticks that box.








Last but not least, just like in our showroom window the crocodile print bath! crocodile skin bathtub - bathroom southampton

Even if it’s not your style, it’s very modern and comes with the wow factor to make any bathroom stand out from the crowd!



You can also have the same bath in metallic, how about this gold bath… Very very swanky!

Holywell-Metallic-Effect-Acrylic-Bath-in-Gold-landscape - bathroom southampton


Here is our crocodile bath in all it’s glory in our shop window. We’ve teamed it up with rode gold freestanding taps and large cream tiles to add lighter shades to a dark bath. Crocodile skin bath - bathrooms southampton



Pop down and come visit the showroom for more ideas to create your bathroom of dreams!