reina radiator - bathroom showroom hampshire

Colour for your bathroom

Big trends this year and ones we’re getting more request for in our bathroom showroom is COLOUR!

Neutral themes are still very popular, with a trend coming through for the ‘eco spa’ vibe. However, as we said in our last blog post about 2019 trends for your bathroom, people are using their bathrooms as blank canvases to go colour wild!

Here are some popular colour ideas we have come up with in our bathroom showroom:

Wall colour

How about this wall colour, this isn’t very bright, but it still adds depth to the bathroom. This light pink wall also has glitter in, just to add  the sparkle!

pink toilet bathroom showroom hampshire


Coloured Radiators

If you want to really show your creative side, how about a brightly coloured radiator. You can chose from a variety of colours and we have samples in our showroom. Here is an example of our Orange radiator from Reina Radiators, against some of our patterned tiles (also very popular at the moment)


reina radiator - bathroom showroom hampshire


Paint your own bathtub

These bath tubs are brilliant, you can paint the outside of them to any colour you like, which means your bath tub can stay and the theme can change whatever suits you! These bath tubs we supply at our bathroom showroom.


paint your own bathtub - bathroom southampton


LED Coloured lights

If you want to add colour and also the ‘hotel’ feel how about adding some LED lighting that changes colour. As an example this is a customers house shower cubicle. They choose to have their lighting setting on bright purple, but you can chose any setting or colour.


LED ceiling lights - bathroom showroom hampshire


Pop into our showroom to find out more coloured ideas for your bathroom!