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Gadgets for your bathroom

In the lead up to Christmas, we thought that some of you might like to treat yourselves for some home improvements.

Here are a few cool gadgets to grab this winter for your bathroom….


First up is these Aqualisa Q Digital Showers! Not only do they make your bathroom look really snazzy, they also save on the water bills. Intuitive and effortless, with a full range colour display and a range of pre-set modes. QSmartShower 1 aqualisa q shower - innovation bathrooms



Q can hold ‘profiles’ of each family member so you can select your name and ta daaa your perfect shower starts!

We have a demo of one of these in our showroom, pop in to have a look!





If you read our previous blog about ‘baths that we love‘ you might be thinking of having a beautiful bath installed. Well why not create the perfect place to relax and install a TV to watch whilst in your bath tub, living your best life!

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Sometimes it’s nice to switch off from the digital world so you can always just put some music on and close your eyes, what about this little gadget…. a floating speaker, with LED lights underneath.

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You may have seen this before, but if not then we enjoy these whirlpool baths with LED lighting. The light changing can be viewed on the video below. It also gives a modern and calming feel to your bathroom.

Lastly, how about investing in a Towel Spa, make your bathroom a beauty salon by warming up your fluffy towels and having them spa ready for every time you step out of the shower! You can purchase one of these from Amazon, unfortunately we don’t stock these in our showroom. 



If some of these don’t take your fancy, then pop into our showroom to see what other gadgets we can find.

There might be something we can find that’s different and suit your bathroom needs!


Treat yourselves!