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How important are Google reviews for businesses

If you’re a customer at a shop, you’ve purchased something and then you get bombarded for reviews. It’s highly unlikely you’ll write one. Reason being, you’ve already purchased what you want. However, when you looked and researched what you wanted to buy, did you read and check the company reviews, testimonials or referrals from previous customers?… we’d say you probably did!

Have a read of how writing reviews for local business can really help them in more ways than you realise….


Google helps businesses websites get to the top of related searches when there is an array of cross references, keywords, website traffic and REVIEWS! So, you can really help a local business by writing a quick review, this way, others can read your feedback (hopefully good!) and make a decision to use that company.


Facebook have created an algorithm which means only paid or highly engaging posts are viewed on peoples timelines. This makes it hard for local businesses to be seen in amongst the noise. Reviews on Facebook do help, as customers will check out social media for pictures and again testimonials.


The most important reviews for us at Innovation Bathrooms Ltd are Google Reviews.

We really are asking for old, existing and new customers to please leave us a Google review. It helps boost our website to the top of Google searches. We’ve made it really simple and easy to do so by clicking through on this link and clicking which platform you’d like to leave a review on…

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Word of mouth and recommendations are the most valuable marketing and advertising for businesses. We want our customers to shout from the rooftops how fab their new bathroom is, we want them to show off their bathroom and tell others of their great experience with Innovation. To do this we need reviews and we need your help to do so.


Thank you in advance, we look forward to hearing all your feedback 🙂