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Revamping the bathroom after the school holidays

Are you ok? Did you survive the school holidays? Did you lock yourself in your bathroom at least 4 times per day for some peace and quiet, only to turn around and realise how much it needs a good freshen up, so run back out again?


messy bathroom


We hear you! The kids have gone back to school and the last thing you want to do is start deep cleaning. It was once a sanctuary of calm, all the towels matched, the tiles were sparkly clean, the taps shone, the scented candles and fresh flowers sat nicely on their shelves and the bottles of shower gel sat neatly in their cabinet …. Ok maybe not so perfect but it was nice! Now it’s all mismatched towels screwed up on the floor, grubby fingerprints and dried toothpaste all over the sink, there’s no way you’ll be laying in the bath anytime soon with all different empty bottles of shampoos and bath bomb wrappers spilling out everywhere. You’re not alone, this is households with kids all over the country!

You can get that all back, here’s some ideas to help clean up your bathroom after the school holidays and life hacks to keep it this way.



Find products that clean well but also smell great, you want the fresh smell to linger. Try to avoid heavy bleach products, as they’re not great for grouting or sealant. Spend some time down the cleaning isle and treat your bathroom to some nice products! For some cheap and GREAT alternatives try some home remedies, which take two minutes to make and work a treat!

  • Mix Lemon juice, baking soda and white vinegar together, this mixture is the ‘Monica from Friends approved’ the ‘bees knees’ the ‘holy grail’ of cleaning products …. Use this mixture to clean any fixture for a perfect clean and finish. You can also use it to clear drains/remove limescale, all you need to do is pour some down the plug, leave for 30 minutes and rinse with warm water to clear pipes and eliminate odour. You can also use this mixture to have as a ‘room spray’ as it gets rid of odours fast! FYI: The vinegar and baking soda will fizz and bubble as they react together, this is normal and will settle down.


baking soda


  • Dull looking taps? Use a tiny bit of baby oil on a dry cloth and wipe the taps for a perfect shine
  • Find products that you can leave to soak and come back to them just to wash it all away. Top Tip: Soak toilet paper in vinegar, wrap the toilet paper around the bottom of taps, leave for 15 minutes, remove, rinse and notice the difference!



Purchase some nice baskets or boxes that can hold all your cleaning products and toilet rolls so everything looks neat and organised.




Or if you’re thinking of redoing your bathroom completely here is some of our supplier’s storage solutions that we love!

storage 2


Treat yourself to lovely matching towels and then keep them well away from the kids. Use a wine rack to roll up towels neatly and keep them up away from little fingers. Knowing every time you get out of a warm bath you’ve got a clean fluffy towel to grab from the wine rack, helps with the relaxation! Put the kids towels all in a basket that they can easily grab.





If there isn’t much space for baskets and wine racks then here’s some of our suppliers towel racks you can also use:

towel rail

Heritage Bathrooms – Clifton Double Towel Rail



or a towel rail such as this matte black one in our showroom, great for storing and drying towel quickly and easily.


towel rail 2

Flowers & Decor

Spruce the bathroom up with candles and some flowers, you don’t have to spend lots on fresh flowers as there’s some many artificial flowers out there now that are just as beautiful! We use Floral Image in our showroom and they always supply lovely bouquets! Alternatively get green in there, find greenery that loves the damp, moist environment of a bathroom! Bring nature into your bathroom.




Make rules for your bathroom and make sure those little ones (and adults) keep to it… how about some of these….


bathroom rules



Enjoy your revamped bathroom!

Innovation Team x